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Tibetan Thangka Painting by Celebrated Tibetan Artists Tenzin Dhargay (Phenpo Tendhar) & Lobsang Tseten

25 November - 21 December 2012

Siddhartha Art Gallery invites you to an exhibition of
Tibetan Thangka paintings by celebrated Tibetan artists
Tenzin Dhargay (Phenpo Tendhar), 9th generation Thangka artist from Khari Khangsar Family
Lovsang Tseten, 4th generation Thangka artist
Rinpoche Tsepri Lopan Tulku will inaugurate the exhibition on Tuesday 28th January 2020 at 5:30 p.m.
The exhibition will remain open till the 11th of February 2020.
Tenzin Dhargay (Phenpo Tendhar) was born in Utsang province of Tibet to the YulnaKhare Khangsar family. For twelve long years of guidance and practice under his Father, the eminent artist Jampal Wangchuk he received skills in painting, wood colouring and thangka painting. Tenzing is the 9th generation artist from an illustrious lineage of Phenpo artists. His ancestors have painted thangkas since the time of the 5th Dalai Lama in the 1600s. At the age of 16 he completed his studies in Thangka painting. Earlier, the Lhasa Development Committee collaborated with his late father and six great masters of thanka art in Tibet to renovate monasteries which were destroyed during the cultural revolution – Tenzing Dhargay was a part of this important project. After the completion of this project, Tenzing moved to Dharamshala, India and enrolled in the Tibetan Library Thangka School to further extend his knowledge. Here he received a certificate of excellence. At that time in Dharamsala, a new project involved the building of the Kalachakra Temple at Tsuklak-khang hala). This project was undertaken by Tenzing’s uncle, the great artist late Rinzin Paljor. Tenzing got chance to work with Rinzin Paljor on this prestigious project. Later, Tenzing moved to Nepal and opened a Thanka painting school which is still running. Even though the artist is now settled in Canada, he frequently visits Nepal to monitor his Thangka school and continue his Thangka painting. He has exhibited his thankas in USA and in Europe . He has painted frescoes in the great palaces monasteries in Tibet, India, Nepal and Canada.

Lobsang Tseten is a fourth generation Tibetan Thangka artist. Under the guidance of his father, he learned traditional Tibetan fine arts also known as Thangka which is drawn geometrically by interpreting peyja or holy scripts in pure Tibetan ground stone colors at the age of 13. He comes from a long lineage of artists who have been involved in painting thangkas for generations. He has worked alongside his father in painting murals at many monasteries throughout Nepal. Some of his works can be viewed on the walls of Shar Bhakhang Monastery, Shelkar Choetsoey Monastery, Phen-Gey Ling Monastery and Kopan Monastery. After moving to Canada, Lobsang attained BFA from Alberta University of Fine Arts & Design (ACAD) with distinction. He incorporates traditional Tibetan methods, symbols and colors on contemporary subject matter and has exhibited his work in Canada. He has been the recipient of several awards such as Jason Lang Scholarship, James Merville award and Artstream award while attending ACAD. He wants to ensure that he continues to practice and keep alive the art of thangka painting and at the same time create modern art that reflects his tradition and culture.

Program schedule
  • Welcome Speech by Sangeeta Thapa, Director of Siddhartha Art Gallery
  • Chanting of Buddha Mantra by Lama Tenzing Norbu
  • Lighting butter lamps
  • Speech by Chief Guest, Rinpoche Tsepri Lopan Tulku about Nepal Tibet cultural ties
  • Speech by Artist Tenzin Dhargay (Phenpo Tendhar)
  • Speech by Artist Lobsang Tseten
  • Thank you speech by Sangeeta Thapa

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