• Aakrit

    WHAT: Aakrit; Hitesh Vaidya, Jagdish Moktan, Nabina Sunuwar, Pooja Duwal, and Tashi Lama

    WHEN: 15th September to October 31st, 2022

    WHERE: Siddhartha Art Gallery

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  • Spirit of Friendship

    WHAT: SPIRIT OF FRIENDSHIP Mong Mong Sho, Lumbiny Dewan, Nomosta Rema, Sudhip Chakma, Jayatu Chakma, Pingcu Tripua, Munna Bong, Biswajit Goswami, Azmeer Hossain and Sourav Chaudhury.

    WHEN: September 2 to September 12, 2022

    WHERE: Siddhartha Art Gallery

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  • Soundlessness by Binh Nhi

    When artist Artist Nhi landed in Kathmandu from Vietnam, she had no clue she would stay this long. When her plane landed in the busting Kathmandu Valley in June, Nepal was a stranger to her. Now, the land of Buddha, Mandala, Pauha, and Thangka paintings feels like a second home.

    WHAT: Soundlessness by Binh Nhi

    WHEN: 26th August to 28th August 2022

    WHERE: Siddhartha Art Gallery

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  • Samarpan by Kiran Manandhar

    WHAT: Samarpan by Kiran Manandhar

    WHEN: 24th July to 24th August 2022

    WHERE: Siddhartha Art Gallery

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    The Siddhartha Art Gallery believes that culture is an important component of development and co- ordinates special events that brings together artists, writers and musicians. The Gallery focuses on a myriad areas such as socio-cultural and political issues, as it believes that art can play a significant role in shaping national and international perceptions.
    Founder / Director

    Rana Thapa

    Sangeeta Thapa founded the Siddhartha Art Gallery in 1987 with eminent artists Shashikala Tiwari and the Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Centre with British artist Celia Washington in 2009. She has curated over 500 shows of Nepali and international artists. She regularly consults for collectors of Nepali art and initiates community art projects.

    Online Gallery

    A virtual collection of artworks by artists recently exhibited in the Siddhartha Art Gallery. Art Inquiries are also available.
    By Kiran Manandhar
    By Kiran Manandhar
    Uma Maheshwor by Sabita Dangol
    Cymbidiu Cultivar II
    On the lake by Binh Nhi

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