Soundlessness by Binh Nhi

Vietnamese Artist Binh Nhi’s love for Kathmandu

WHAT: Soundlessness by Binh Nhi
WHEN: 26th August to 28th August 2022
WHERE: Siddhartha Art Gallery
When artist Artist Nhi landed in Kathmandu from Vietnam, she had no clue she would stay this long. When her plane landed in the busting Kathmandu Valley in June, Nepal was a stranger to her. Now, the land of Buddha, Mandala, Pauha, and Thangka paintings feels like a second home.
Nhi came to Nepal to study mandala and thangka paintings at Tsering Art School of Shechen Monastery. Along with these paintings, the liveliness of the valley inspired her so much —Nhi says she couldn’t stop drawing. This is how more than 30 paintings that are on display at Siddhartha Art Gallery were born.
All the paintings are abstract but they reflect the very realness of Kathmandu—from the many temples, and religious festivals to its undiluted spiritual essence.
Nhi explains that her works “carry the sound of mantras, Buddhist scriptures”. The state of peace and liberation, in other words, “Soundlessness” is the motif of all works.
Catch Nhi’s short but powerful display of works “Soundlessness” at Siddartha Art Gallery from August 26 to 28.
More about the artist

Ngo Thi Binh Nhi

Born: July 26, 1981, in Lang Son
Based in: Hanoi
Address: 120B Diem Tuan alley, Cự Đà
village, Cự Khê, Thanh Oai, Hanoi.
  • Member of Hai Phong Arts Association
  • Member of Hanoi Young Artists Club
  • Bachelor of Hanoi University of Arts in 2004
  • Master of Arts from Vietnam University of Arts in 2009
  • Personal exhibition: “In and out” in a series of exhibitions organized by the Young Artists Club of the Vietnam Arts Association in July 2015
  • Personal exhibition: “Life” in Haiphong in November 2015
  • Personal exhibition: “Winter sunshine” exhibition with artist Nguyen Quoc Thang in 2013
  • Participated in “Puzzle” exhibition organized by Vietnam auction in 2015.
  • Participated in art auctions organized by the Anti-Flood House from 2013-2020
  • Participated in art auctions on the Vietnam Art Space page
  • Participated in the exhibition "Lang house - revival dream" at the Vietnam Arts Museum in November 2015
  • Vietnam Arts Exhibition in 2015
  • Tet Arts Exhibition Hanoi in 2016
  • Saigon Arts Show 2016 organized by Vietnam Art Space at D.A.N studio.
  • Participated in exhibitions organized by Hanoi Young Artists Club 2015 - 2018.
  • Participated in the exhibitions of group 39A gallery 2015 - 2020
  • Participated in Haiphong exhibitions from 2015- 2020
  • Domino Art Fair in Hanoi 2017.
  • Participated in the Vietnam Arts program with Cultural Diplomacy in Beijing and Myanmar 2017.
  • Participated in the exhibition of decorative paintings Apec 2017
  • Displayed paintings at the embassies of Sweden, Germany, Mexico, and Indonesia.
  • Exhibition of Red River Delta 2018 in Hai Phong.
  • Exhibition of paintings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam 2018.
  • Group exhibition of Vietnam Arts and Cultural Diplomacy at Vietnam Arts Museum 2018.
  • Exhibition 20 years of Pedagogic Vietnam Arts in Hanoi 2019
  • Group exhibition "Early Spring" 2019
  • Participated in “Paintings in social distancing season" exhibition 2020
  • Participated at composing camp at Nha Trang beach 2020 organized by Haiphong Arts Association
  • Participated in the “Hanoi Flowers season and Flowers of ASEAN countries” exhibition in Hanoi 2020
  • “Living Sea” Exhibition, at VCCA Hanoi 2020
  • Group exhibition “Lacameo” 2022 at Vietnam Art Space
Artist's Statement
[Translated and edited from Vietnamese to English]
My stay in Nepal lasted longer than I initially thought. Art always teaches us to explore, passion, and pursue to the end no matter where we are.
My first wish upon coming to the land of Buddha was to learn more about Buddha, Mandala, and Thangka paintings at Tsering Art School in Shechen Monastery. After almost three months of experiencing many places, I feel as if the colors, people, and scenery of this place harmonize with me as one.
Thus, my drawings came to me naturally without any hesitation— they grew to over 20 paintings on rice paper. The idea of saving beautiful memories through a personal exhibition made sense to me and I started composing more outside of class.
The 3 days of my exhibition are neither too much nor too little. For me, they are perfect.
There are over 35 paintings carefully placed over two floors—the 1st floor shows 10 paintings of lotuses and insects that are knitted with religious colors. These works are perhaps the old self immersing in new colors without losing itself.
On the 2nd floor, I have displayed landscapes, people, and places I met and experienced in Nepal. All the paintings are painted in abstract language.
The religious colors of Nepal attract me and I have expressed them in lines, texture, and colors. When it comes to art, I don't intend to draw to imply or describe what I want to say, but rather I like to touch and feel.
Every path I go through carries the sound of mantras and Buddhist verses. It is the sound of liberation, the sound of freedom and peace that I feel. It cannot be expressed in words.
"Silence" is perhaps the state when the self finds a release, but it is surprisingly not without sound, and it is not voiceless. It's like falling into the stillness of the mind!
To experience all of those was not an easy path but to achieve genuine happiness within me is my greatest wish.
I hope my personal experiences in this foreign land—that I have poured out as a form of art — will bring the sound of joy to all.
Nepal, 23.8.2022
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