Fog and Feathers

Pauline Driard

WHAT: Fog and Feathers by Pauline Driard

WHEN: 1st December to 14th December, 2022

WHERE: Siddhartha Art Gallery Annexe, Baber Mahal Revisited

About the Artist

Pauline Driard discovered drawing by chance and fell in love with it straight away. Sketches, watercolor, portraits, improvisation, perspective, she tried different things, until she encountered Zen painting - or Chan painting, sumi-e ink painting - thanks to Jerome Edou, who became her master. He taught her about bamboos, prunus trees, orchids, mountains, and fog. Or its absence. The suggestion of the essence of life.

On her own, Pauline began exploring other techniques and forms of painting through the figures of yaks first and then birds. A whole world opened to her. This exhibition is all about the interplay of ink and water: rice paper and watercolor paper, classic Chinese brushes, pipettes and knife techniques.

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