The Mind of the Maker

Priyam Pradhan

WHAT: The Mind of the Maker

WHEN: 17th December 2022 to 12th January , 2023

WHERE: Siddhartha Art Gallery

Artist's Statement

One can create for a long time only to discover that they know little to nothing about what they create. I come to the canvas with a curious and open mind with tools in hand trying to connect dots of the human psyche.

The Mind of the Maker is an investigation into the very nature of God’s creativity. When man intuitively perceives The Mind, which is beyond perception, that is when one realizes the true identity of self. He frees himself from ignorance and attains the Supreme— he attains all desires.

The environment that one surrounds himself in fuels his creative endeavors, ultimately shaping his entire life. I invite you all to peek behind the curtains of my mind in an effort to—or not to—understand the complexities of human life together. One who is able to lend great importance to each and every thought has taken a great leap in the attainment of his desires.

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